Go Beyond Your Wildest Breath

Your portable
air quality Companion

With Givair track the air you breathe and limit the impact of exposure to pollution on your daily activities.

Our mision

To help you know what is in the air you breathe and  improve your well-being. 

Whether you are a professional athlete, or an amateur. An indoor or outdoor person. Allergic or Asthmatic. Adult or Child. Givair is made for you. For everyone.

We want to help you lessen your daily dose of polluted air and keep up with your physical activity.

We want to build a community that raises awareness on air quality issues and that encourages change in behavior.

Pollution Dose Intake

Monitor your personal dose intake of polluted air.

Particulate Matter (PM)

Measure three different pollutants: PM1, PM 2.5 & PM10.


Follow you everywhere and store your history data.

Activity tracking

Track your daily indoor & outdoor physical activities.

Your air. Our Mission.

What can Our Device Do For You?

Breathe better. Breathe Safer.

We Solve Real Problems

what Can our App do for you?

Daily Dose

Monitor your daily dose of inhaled Particulate Matter.


Personal advice to help you limit your daily exposure & dose.

Data analysis

Analyze your data to prevent respiratory issues.


Map your personal exposure & dose intake.


Share your data with our community.


Get notified when pollution limits are exceeded.

Breathe smarter &

keep up with your daily activities

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